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The Toyota Tundra has a "Maintenance Required" oil change indicator light that will illuminate every 5,000 miles. This maintenance indicator light is not emergent, but rather a simple reminder that it's probably time for an oil change at your nearest Toyota Service Center. This maintenance light will automatically display on your odometer instrument cluster when you've driven 5,000 miles since the last time it was reset. All second-generation Toyota Tundra pickup trucks have this light – so whether you have a new or used Toyota Tundra, you will likely see this light go on at some point.

Maintenance Light Reset
You will be required to reset this indicator light once the oil has been changed, regardless of whether you service your Tundra at your local dealership or change the oil yourself. The dealership will know how to do the maintenance required light reset for you, and they typically do so without being asked. However, if they forget to reset the light, you can ask them and they shouldn't have any trouble resetting it for you.
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